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  • Croma CEO (Roberto Fiorentino) discusses the importance of security in an evolving world

    The most important part of the role that we play in the world of security is treating our clients with the highest of respect, by understanding what their threats and risks are and ensuring that we have truly addressed those. Unfortunately, most people think about security in the aftermath of an incident and we would love to encourage people to talk to us beforehand and save that pain. Croma started with my grandfather who was from Sicily, he and my Father were the Chubb agents in north Africa. After the revolution we came to England, the home of my mother, and we started the business again. I spent my school holidays from the age of seven, working with my father, learning how locks operated, cutting keys, and helping out wherever I could and learnt the world of Locksmithing. My passion however was in electronics, and having studied that, I then rejoined the business officially. We now encompass all of the ingredients of a cake, if you want to put it that way, in the world of security. Starting from Locks, Keys, Safes, Alarms, CCTV, Perimeter Detection, and of course our own in-house product in the world of access control which is our FastVein technology. The ability to read veins within fingers to identify humans, at a very high speed and level of accuracy. It is the highest speed and most accurate biometric solution in the marketplace today. Then we have guarding, surveillance, and other specialist services that we carry out, and close protection which most people think of as bodyguarding. For the entire team here at Croma it is really important that we do our very best for all of our Clients. Croma's clients are very broad spectrum as well, so we deal with people from the everyday home all the way through to private estates and celebrities. In the commercial world of course we deal with schools, hospitals, airports, and many more. We do not think of security in terms of price, of course we understand Clients have to think about money, but what we do is tell them; "these are the things you need to do, and these are the costs involved". I also think it is really very important for clients to understand the ethics that we apply to this, we are not going to try and sell someone something that they do not need, it really must be something that is going to assist them in providing security. So, in order to understand security, and be the experts that we are, we have to understand crime. What has changed in the UK in the last few years, quite significantly, is the rise in Robbery vs Burglary. Robbery is of concern because this is people being attacked in their homes. If we were to think 2000 years ago; "how would we protect ourselves", well, we would find a hill and in the middle our hill we would build a castle which would contain our early alarm system, a lookout tower, with a man in the top of the tower telling us there was an army 5 days march away. At this point, we would prepare, because we now have the intelligence that we are about to be attacked, that was the early alarm system. If we can think about security in the modern world, in our homes, giving us the ability to tell us something is about to happen, gives us that time to perhaps protect ourselves and avoid the incident in the first place. So, when we talk about security, which is in effect, if you read it in the dictionary: "true freedom from anxiety", sadly many people do not really understand it and they think by buying an alarm system or a camera system they have ticked a box of security. The problem with just focusing on one area of security, is that it often fails to address the total picture. When we understand that, we can deliver solutions that are exacting, and meets the clients requirements, but more importantly they truly offer a defense to mitigate losses.

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