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St Mary's School Ascot

St Mary's School Ascot

Access Control

Croma supply and install all types of access control systems, from mechanical code locks through to sophisticated Biometric Systems.

Time & Attendance

From monitoring attendance rates, to hours worked, FASTVEIN™ helps you manage your School, College, University, or workplace like never before.


FASTVEIN™ can double as an access control system, eliminating the requirement for students to carry tokens or cards, which are frequently lost and costly to replace.

Unique Integration

We are able to integrate with many industry specific systems including ISAMS and SIMS to ensure you benefit fully from the interoperability that can be achieved using FASTVEIN™.

Innovative Technology

Vein recognition is the most reliable and least intrusive biometric technology available today. As your vein pattern is not an externally

recognisable characteristic, there are far less data protection issues than with other biometrics.

“The school has been delighted with the technology, which has enabled us to improve not only administrative functions but also the pastoral care of our pupils” 

Giles Brand — Bursar, St Mary’s School Ascot